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KvinnSam - National Resource Library for Gender Studies and university-wide research infrastructure at Gothenburg University

The main tasks of KvinnSam are surveying and cataloguing literature on gender issues, and compiling and cataloguing manuscript material on women's history, as well as providing reference services.

The KvinnSam manuscript collection consists of letters, manuscripts, minutes, photos and other source materials from people and organizations with connections to Swedish women’s history or gender studies, dating primarily from the first half of the 20th century. These are collected by and about women, such as the collections of Elin Wägner, Emilia Fogelklou, Barbro Alving and Sonja Åkesson. Besides these archives, the manuscript collection also holds minutes, correspondence, accounts and annual reports from women's associations, such as the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the Society for Encouragement of Sensitive and Moral Maternal Care, and the Women's Debating Society of Göteborg.

The manuscript collection is partly digitized and can be explored in Alvin. On KvinnSam’s website ub.gu.se/kvinn the archival material is also highlighted in texts by gender researchers in the Portals on Women’s History. In addition, the site contains several digitized historical Swedish periodicals for women.

In addition to being National Library for Gender Studies, having the most comprehensive database on women’s history and gender studies in Scandinavia (KVINNSAM), and having a 600 meter long unique manuscript collection from people and organizations with connections to Swedish women’s history or gender studies - KvinnSam is also staffed with discipline-competent university librarians and archivists. Please do contact KvinnSam at ub.gu.se/kvinn or visit us at The Humanities Library in Gothenburg.