Image viewer

Files in image formats such as .tif, .jpg or .gif can be opened in Alvin's special image viewer. Click on the image in the middle of a post page to open the corresponding image in the image viewer.

Select image viewer

In the image viewer, you can zoom in and out of the image by either directly clicking on it or using + and - in the navigation at the bottom left corner. How far you can zoom into the image depends on its resolution; the higher the resolution the deeper. The zoom is reset to the initial position each time you select a new image.

Image viewer - start

It is also possible to rotate the image to the right or left using the arrows in the navigation.

By selecting the heading Thumbnails in the right pane of the image viewer, you quickly get an overview of all images linked to the record, such as all pages in a book, for easy navigation to a specific page or image. Alternatively, you can skip one or more steps forward and backward in the navigation at the top of the image viewer.

Image viewer - thumbnails

Using the arrow in the middle of the page, the right field can be folded in and more space is left on the screen for the image itself.

Image viewer - zoom